About Us


"Marko Pallets", UAB, is a company, that has been working successfully in Lithuania for the sixth year, which makes wooden trays and sawn timber. Founded as a small company in 2007, Marko Pallets has established itself in the marked and is strengthening its positions.


Marko Pallets is a daughter enterprise of MARKO KEA SIA. MARKO KEA SIA has been making and selling wooden trays, wooden packaging, and sawn timber for 14 years in the Baltic market as well as in the territory of the whole European Union, and has acquired valuable experience over the time.


Marko Pallets provides around 300 000 wooden trays to the Baltic and European markets in a year. We specialise in the manufacture of all types of wooden trays, including standard and custom. We are always ready to accept challenges and can make trays of any configuration and complexity required by the customer.



The Marko Pallets company is known for its principles and is proud of them:


Completion of an order and delivery precisely according to the arranged deadlines
Fast-paced and quality customer service
High quality production
Quality control
Attention to every customer individually.



The company always focuses on becoming your reliable and permanent partner, cares about its every customer and hopes for a successful co-operation. If you are interested in the production that Marko Pallets offers, please do not hesitate and contact us in the 'Contacts' link - our specialists will operatively provide you with all the required information.





In 2012 "Marko Pallets business development and modernisation", a local employment initiatives project is being realised.


With installation of new technologies, the company is being constantly improved. By quality and supply, we do not fall behind in the competitive market. Our equipment is always up-to-date. By using efficient and good equipment we can complete any orders by our customers on time and in high quality.


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Naujoji g. 128, LT-62175 Alytus. Gamykla Naujoji g. 134, LT-62175 Alytus. Tel: +370 31577600, Fax: +370 31577600.